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employability Support for Employers

Our Employability Service is well placed to inform students what employers need, but we are equally well placed to provide an insight into what graduates want from future employers. As an employer or recruiter, we can support your recruitment process in addition to offering a range of opportunities for you to engage with our students at every stage of their university life.

Services For Employers
Opportunities for recruiters
Discover our services to support your recruitment process.
Supporting our students
Find out how you can support our diverse student population at all stages of their university life.
Recruitment agencies
We offer tailored support to recruitment agencies through a range of activities.
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employersProfessional Legal Training

We offer inspiring professional legal training courses that are designed and delivered by experienced practitioners to give lawyers a leading edge.

Our courses and training solutions cover a range of practice areas and delivery options to provide flexible solutions to training for any lawyer, wherever they are in their legal career.

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employersLegal Apprenticeships

We recognise that law firms increasingly need an experienced provider-partner that can offer flexible apprenticeship delivery – from entry level roles in legal and business services to qualified lawyer status. Our apprenticeship programmes are flexible and ensure that the content studied reflects your business needs, ensuring your employees have the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours to enhance your firm.

Opportunities for recruiters

Our aim is to help make your recruitment process as effecient as possible and provide you with support every step of the way.

We can support your recruitment process by providing interview space, pre-application networking opportunities, applications collection services and promoting your organisation through fairs, talks and workshops.

We like to advertise a broad range of opportunities to our students who are studying across our range of law, business and science courses.

We have a unique, password protected vacancy database, which is accessible exclusively to our students and alumni, on which you can advertise vacancies, events, open days, vacation schemes, internships, placements and graduate roles.

To create a company profile and registers as an employer, or log in as a returning user, please visit our dedicated page.

If you would prefer us to set up your account or post your vacancy, we're happy to help. Please email our central recruitment team ([email protected]) or contact your local campus with the following information:

  • Information about your organisation
  • A logo for your organisation
  • Information about the vacancy (including salary and length of the contract)

If you would like to advertise with us, please take a moment to read the information on our page regarding our vacancy platform and recruitment services available via the Employability department.

We recognise that many employers have robust recruitment processes in place, however if you would like to discuss bespoke paid for packages and how we can best help please get in touch with your local Employability or central recruiment teams.

Supporting our students

We have one of the most diverse students bodies in legal,business and sciences education, across a wide range of study modes, providing you access to thousands of students that are focused on their career.

Job adverts and applications are only a small part of the recruitment process and that's why we offer a range of opportunities for you to engage and support our students. As an employer or recruiter, you can engage with our students at every stage of their university life, from the beginning of a degree right through to them becoming part of our growing alumni network.

Here are some of the ways that you can interact with and support our students.

Mentoring is essential for students to gain insight into different professions and know how to build networks, whilst gaining the hands on experience that employers are looking for. We have developed several programmes which can not only benefit our students, but employers too.

Some students are less likely than others to have made contacts in their desired profession before going to university. Our mentoring programme provides our students with an individual contact from the profession they’re interested in, whose experience they can benefit from.

Who can volunteer to mentor? 
Anyone from a second six pupil barrister or second year trainee.

Our programme is designed to provide the flexibility required by mentors with busy legal practices and businesses to maintain. Your organisation doesn’t need to be recruiting to take part.

How much time does mentoring take up?
Mentors get the satisfaction of helping individuals achieve their aspirations, through discussing strategies, helping with applications and imparting valuable knowledge based on personal experience of the profession.

At most of our campuses, mentoring programmes run from late autumn to May each year.

We ask mentors and mentees to make contact a minimum of four times within this time period. One meeting should be face-to-face, ideally at the mentor’s workplace, whilst other meetings can be via phone or email.

We run public legal education schemes where our students present talks on legal topics to members of the local community.

Please let us know if:

  • You would like to volunteer as a supervisor at one of our clinics.
  • If you run a pro bono scheme which could provide opportunities for our students to volunteer

We would be interested in talking to you to see how we can work together to provide much needed legal assistance to the public, while also providing invaluable experience to our students.

For more information on our pro bono programme, click here.

Speaker programme

Each of our campuses runs an annual speaker programme providing practitioners with the chance to talk to students about working life and their organisation.

We regularly invite employers to come and talk to our students about their organisations and run presentations and workshops. We can publicise your event and offer advice on content should you need it.

These events help our students to improve the quality of their applications as well as raising an employer's profile amongst our students.

Skills sessions

Skills sessiosn are opportunities for our students to find out how to succeed in their applications, interviews and at assessment centres, directly from employers and recruiters.

Networking evenings and career fairs

In addition to the national legal and careers fair in June each year, we run a series of local events on each campus. These events are designed to enable relevant practitioners to meet and share useful information with our students.

Contact us to find out abour events or speaking opportunities that are local to your organisation.

Student availability to work

Most full time and part time courses start in September and end in June. Our students are therefore available to take up vacation schemes or employment from late June until late August.

Full time students may even be able to take up part time employment opportunities when teaching is concentrated into particular days each week.

Part time and and online students may be free to undertake employment at any time.

Recruitment agencies

We work with recruitment agencies on a regular basis, however due to the number of vacancies handled by agencies, not all our services available to employers can be extended to agencies.

We can support agencies by:

  • Advertising suitable vacancies to our students and alumni.
  • Include a limited number of agencies on our speaker and workshop programme each year.

We can include agencies with relevant vacancies in the information we give to our students. If you would like to be included in our information packs, please send us your details and a brief description of your organisation.

Contact us

Whether you want to advertise a vacancy with us, participate in our mentoring scheme or talk to our students at a recruitment event, please contact our employability team to discuss how we can help.

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If you’re unsure which campus to contact, please contact our recruitment team:
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